November 25

British Guiana Panda Types E2 & E3 C.D.S.

► Panda Type E2 Single Ring (S.R.), 26.5 mm.  American Type.  3 line date (3 L.D.) B.G. at foot.  Known with year missing. During the usage period of the Panda Type E2 & E3 postmarks, cork cancellations were often used to cancel the adhesive with the Panda Type E2 & E3 postmark stamped elsewhere on […]

November 20

British Guiana Post Offices: Wakenaam

Wakenaam is one of the larger islands in the Estuary of the Essequibo River of about 17.5 square miles (45 km2). The other large islands are Leguan and Hogg Island. It was settled at one time by the Dutch in the 18th Century; the name Wakenaam is Dutch meaning “waiting for a name”. The Post […]

November 15

British Guiana Post Offices: Mahaica

Located on the East Coast Demerara, the Mahaica Post Office was opened in 1850 initially using the Panda Type C1.10 E5C coded postmark. Recorded dates are 7 Jan 1855 to 4 Feb 1860. The Panda Type C2.10 E5C coded postmark was then used through 1877. In 1878, it was relocated from the Railway Station to […]

November 11

British Guiana Post Offices: Agricola

Located on the East Bank Demerara River, two miles south of Georgetown, the Agricola Post Office was opened sometime prior to 16 Jun 1877 as it was mentioned on that date in a Gazette Notice. It was then closed on 1 Jan 1880 with operations continuing out of Grove and Providence. It reopened on 1 […]

November 04

British Guiana Panda Type E1 C.D.S.

► Panda Type E1 Single Ring (S.R.), 21-22mm, 2 line date (2 L.D.) with year abbreviated (Y.A.).Colony not shown. In addition to listing the Panda Type #, for reference, we also list the T&H Type from The Postage Stamps and Postal History of British Guiana by Townsend & Howe and the Type and referenced page […]

October 19

Early Georgetown & New Amsterdam C.D.S.

October 16

British Guiana Panda Types C4-C10 Coded PMs

October 13

British Guiana Panda Type C3 Coded PMs

► Panda Type C 3 S.R. 21 – 21.5 mm. 5 Lines. B.G. at top followed by code-mark on lines 2 and 3 and 2 L.D. Year in Full (Y.I.F.) All in sans-serif capitals. → Panda Type # C 3 . 4 -1  D R E 1 (Used at Agricola) T&H Series 2 Code-Marks Fig. […]

October 10

British Guiana Panda Type C2 Coded PMs

► Panda Type C 2 S.R. 21.5 mm. 4 Lines. B.G. at top followed by code-mark and 2 L.D. Y.I.F. All in sans-serif capitals. → Panda Type # C  2 . 1 0 – E 5 C (Used at Mahaica) T&H Second Series Code-Marks;     Proud D2 p. 210;     Rego pp. 41-43, […]

October 07

British Guiana Panda Type C1 Coded PMs

► Panda Type C 1 S.R. 23 mm. 4 Lines. B.G. at top followed by code-mark and 2 L.D. Y.I.F. All in serif capitals. The Panda Type C1 postmark is referred to as “First Series of Code-Marks” in The Postage Stamps and Postal History of British Guiana by Townsend & Howe. → Panda Type # […]

October 04

The C.D.S. of British Guiana Packet Offices

Prior to the introduction of adhesives in 1850, Demerara (later Georgetown) and Berbice (later New Amsterdam) used several types of Date-Stamps on mail. Since we are focusing on Named Circular Date-Stamps (C.D.S), we will begin our catalog in 1838 when the first Demerara C.D.S was introduced. The similar Berbice C.D.S was introduced in 1842 and […]

January 24

The Bisected Stamps of British Guiana

By E. A. V. Abraham (Originally published in The British Guiana Philatelic Journal, Issue No. 1, December 1906, p. 6-7) It has always been a matter of doubt whether the bisected stamps of British Guiana were genuine. I am glad to say that after careful research and much worry I have been able to settle […]

October 15

Great Collectors of British Guiana Stamps

Philipp La Rénotière von Ferrary (1850-1917). Ferrary, an Austrian subject, fled from France to Switzerland after the outbreak of World War I, but he left most of his philatelic treasures in Paris. He died at Lausanne in 1917 and in his will he directed that his entire collection should be given to the Reichspost Museum at […]

June 18

British Guiana 1c. stamp sells for $9.48M USD

The 1856 British Guiana 1c. magenta stamp, commonly referred to as the world’s most famous stamp and most recently owned by a du Pont heir convicted of murder, was sold at Sotheby’s New York auction on June 17, 2014 for $9,480,00 USD per the Sotheby’s Auction Results.  The documents states: “Sale Total (Including Buyer’s Premium) […]

June 01

British Guiana and the “Primitives” of 1850

… “The Cottonreels” – by David MacDonnell. Published in David Feldman’s 2014 “The John E. du Pont Grand Prix Collection of British Guiana” Auction Catalog. Used with permission. The first stamps of a far-flung British colony in South America have long passed into philatelic legend, not least for their rarity, but for their crude method of […]

2c. rose cottonreel on cover January 12

British Guiana 1851 2c. Cottonreel Biography

This is the fifth extract in a series of articles about philatelic rarities taken from the Encyclopaedia of Rare and Famous Stamps, vol.2, pp.21-26, by L. N. Williams, published by David Feldman in 1992, with updates since its publication. Used with permission. The compilation of biographies of the ten recorded examples of the British Guiana […]

January 10

British Guiana’s Cottonreels

by L. N. Williams This is the first extract in a series of articles about philatelic rarities taken from the Encyclopaedia of Rare and Famous Stamps, vol.1, pp.13-23, by L. N. Williams, published by David Feldman in 1992, with updates since its publication.  Used with permission. The crudest classic issue by a government Post Office in what used […]

British Guiana 1850-51 12c. blue cottonreel January 05

British Guiana 1850-51 12c. Cottonreels

The British Guiana 12c. cottonreel exists in three shades – blue, indigo and pale blue.  The latter shade was printed in 1851. Of the 10 types of cottonreels listed in the Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogue, the 12c. blue seems to be the most common hence it has the lowest catalog value of the cottonreels. According […]

January 04

British Guiana 1850 8c. Cottonreel

Both Stanley Gibbons and Scott stamp catalogs only list the 8c. in green.  However, in The Postage Stamps and Postal History of British Guiana by Townsend & Howe, it states that “the 8c. duty appeared on a variety of papers varying from an almost blue-green (18th December 1850) to a deep green.”  David Brandon made […]


British Guiana 1850-51 4c. Cottonreels

The British Guiana 4c. cottonreel exists in three shades printed in 1850-51 by the Royal Gazette in Georgetown, British Guiana.  The shades are orange (sometimes referred to as yellow-orange), lemon-yellow and pale yellow.  The latter shade was printed on pelure paper. The 4c. orange stamp is cataloged as #2 in both Stanley Gibbons and Scott […]

January 02

British Guiana 1851 2c. Cottonreel

In 1851, a 2c. stamp on rose colored paper was printed due to the institution of a local mail service in Georgetown. This was about eight months after the printing of the original cottonreels in the denomination of 4c., 8c., and 12c. According to L.N. Williams in his article British Guiana’s Cottonreels, the first known […]

2c. rose cottonreel on cover January 01

Introduction to British Guiana Cottonreels

The first postage stamps produced by British Guiana were issued in 1850, following the organization of an inland postal system in July of 1850.  The postmaster in Georgetown commissioned the local newspaper, the Royal Gazette, to print stamps of the denomination 4c., 8c., and 12c. The stamps were printed in the form of an outline […]